The Rule Of Nines: A Book About Self-Discovery That Will Change Your Life

The Rule of Nines provides a 9-step simple plan to guide people towards success in the evocation of behavioral changes necessary to succeed in personal goal achievement. Although there are books on the market geared towards goal achievement, there has yet to have been written a book that includes the depth of self-reflection and self-awareness necessary to achieve a true personal change and permanent success.

The Rule of Nines takes the readers on a personal journey of self-discovery and personal development by helping them to uncover their true essence, and finding the inspiration they need in order to change their lives.

Unlike the other books on the market, this book has an associated 365-day journal that is designed to help a person become “unstuck,” and move away from ambivalence and towards desired goals. The journal delves into self-sabotaging thoughts and habits, their role in lack of goal achievement, and finally, how to eliminate those behaviors.

This book will teach the reader how to mentally erase negative thoughts and behaviors by replacing them with positive, and how to develop an effective “Action Plan” to achieve any goal, using a 9-step method that will help you identify your objectives and what you need to change in order to achieve them. 

“Live Less Out Of Habit And More Out Of Intention”

The principles presented in the Rule of Nines are intended for audiences of all ages, genders, races, and religions. It is both scientifically, behaviorally, and spiritually based, based on the belief that all three components are required to evoke permanent behavior change and successful goal achievement. The theory being, as humans we are not one-dimensional. We all possess the previously mentioned facets, and each of them playing an equally important role in why we do what we do.

Scientifically speaking, we have created neural pathways in our brains which lead us to act out of habit and not out of intention. In order to change behavior, we must be conscious of our habits, and aware of how these habits may be interfering with our goal achievement. 

Many of our habits have been created by “doing” what we have been taught or told to do. Therefore, we often “act” without thinking, and perhaps more importantly, we act without “feeling.” We have, in a sense, been brainwashed since an early age to be a particular way. We have been told who we are, how we should be, and what is important to us via subconscious learning. Our parents told us how and who to be, the media tells us how and who to be, our teachers, friends and family tell us who and how to be. Without thinking for ourselves, we act. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “watch your thoughts they become words, watch your words they become actions, watch your actions they become your destiny.”? Well, think about this: 

If our “thoughts” are generated from the subconscious mind that has developed from the previously mentioned societal influences, then they truly are not our own. Therefore, we are truly not “acting” for ourselves, we are acting out of habit. 

The Rule of Nines provides a step-by-step process for self-reflection and identification of one’s own thoughts and desires in order to discover their true essence and their own nature.

rule of nines book about self-discovery and change of habits by kathlyn heim


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the rule of nines book about self-discovery and change of habits by life coach kathlyn heim
the rule of nines step by step for goal achievement book about self-discovery and change of habits by author and coach kathlyn heim

About The Author Kathlyn Heim

Kathlyn Heim is an Author and Life & Dating Coach with a new method for building the life you have dreamed about. Her work helps women to overcome the challenges of living and finding love through mid-life, by helping them to discover their potential, their purpose and their inner-strength.

Kathlyn has a passion for helping others overcome challenges and create positive changes in their lives. She believes that each individual has the ability to make the necessary lifestyle and behavioral changes and achieve success in anything they want!

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